Infogrid Pacific-The Science of Information

PART   4

Metadata Supported Formats


The formats

There are a number of formats that must have a processing instruction page, and/or page metadata to enable them to be generated correctly. The metadata supported formats are:

  • ePub3 fixed layout
  • Kindle Fire fixed layout
  • Static Sites
  • WebApp
  • SCORM Package

Generation of these formats will fail without the additional metadata or Processing Instructions.

Fixed Layout Documents

Depending on the content, fixed layout packages can be created using one of two methods:

  1. Independent panels. This is ideal for books which are not being created as PDFs or other formats and have considerable interaction and special features.
  2. Panel markers. This is ideal for standard books which for any reason are being used to create a fixed layout simulcrum, but the content is also required for PDF and other flowing formats.

You must make the design and editorial decisions on which approach to use relatively early in the production process.

Layout Metadata

Each format has specific metadata requirements. There is also a special requirement for CSS to be processed separately for each format. To handle this the fixed layout setup page carries configuration data for all formats by default. Page level metadata can also be inserted if appropriate.

Static Sites

A static site document is substantially different in a number of requirements to a PDF or e-book format. A static site requires Search Engine Optimization metadata on a per page basis, plus each page needs to have a unique title and unique file name.

The Navigation processing instruction page carries the site location, and other supporting information such as simple navigation blocks and analytics scripts.

Page metadata blocks are used by the processor to name and display every page individually.

Web Apps

A document can be processed as a Web App for local storage in a Browser or on a mobile device. Web Apps require a Navigation and Processing Instruction page to allow them to be posted to a local testing location.


A SCORM package requires extensive pedagogy metadata or target Learning Management System (LMS) context metadata. Custom metadata is included on each page in a SCORM-Metadata block. This is customizable and extensible.


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