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Font Scheme Map

Understanding, using and customizing Font Scheme Maps

10.1 Overview

For informational purposes this section contains the full default font-scheme map used in the DPMaster-2012-1 template in the FF Fonts section.

It illustrates the allocation of CSS fall-backs styles to each major IGP:FoundationXHTML (FX) structural component.

The pattern for font-family names is grammatically ordered CamelCase expressed in the singular (Eg: ClassicTable, not ClassicTables). Consistency in grammar usage is a hallmark and requirement of FX. 

10.2 Customization

The font-scheme selection list is fully customizable for each IGP:Digital Publisher Account.

The supplied template Font Scheme Map illustrated below is fully customizable by template, and can be edited on a per book basis. This clearly demonstrates how the hierarchical organization of FX is put to full use to exploit the power of the CSS cascade.

Although this appears verbose, it is a major productivity tool if used well. It may take some thought and work-habit changes to be made to use effectively.

10.2.1 Testing

When applied to a PDF the test that all fonts have been applied correctly is to generate the PDF and check the fonts using Properties. Times New Roman, Arial or Courier fonts should not appear.

When this is applied for an ePub2, ePub3 or Mobi book the CSS minification process in the packaging reduces this list to only the font-families that are actually used in the package. You will have to generate and open an ePub to see this.

/* FONT SCHEME MAP starts */
.galley-rw {font-family: Galley, serif;}
/*Named Paragraphs*/
.alt-rw {font-family: Alternative, NamedPara, Galley;}
.attribution-rw {font-family: Attribution, NamedPara, Galley;}
.caption-rw {font-family: Caption, NamedPara, Galley;}
.code-rw {font-family: Code, NamedPara, monospace;}
.date-rw {font-family: Date, NamedPara, Galley;}
.definition-rw {font-family: Definition, NamedPara, Galley;}
.keywords-rw {font-family: Keywords, NamedPara, Galley;}
.number-rw {font-family: Number, NamedPara, Galley;}
.source-rw {font-family: Source, NamedPara, Galley;}
.term-rw {font-family: Term, NamedPara, Galley;}
.notes-rw {font-family: Notes, NamedPara, Galley;}
.footnotes-rw {font-family: Footnotes, NamedPara, Galley;}
/*Inline Styles*/
.term-rw {font-family: Term, Galley}
.code-rw  {font-family: Code, Galley;}
.dropcap-rw {font-family: DropCap, Galley;}
.raisedcap-rw {font-family: RaisedCap, Galley;}
.style1-rw {font-family: InlineStyle1, InlineStyles, Galley;}
.style2-rw {font-family: InlineStyle2, InlineStyles, Galley;}
.style3-rw {font-family: InlineStyle3, InlineStyles, Galley;}
.style4-rw {font-family: InlineStyle4, InlineStyles, Galley;}
.style5-rw {font-family: InlineStyle5, InlineStyles, Galley;}
.style6-rw {font-family: InlineStyle6, InlineStyles, Galley;}
.style7-rw {font-family: InlineStyle7, InlineStyles, Galley;}
/*Common Lists*/
ol {font-family: NumberList, Galley;}
ul {font-family: BulletList, Galley;}
dl {font-family: DefinitionList, Galley;}
/*Named Lists*/
.list-toc-rw {font-family: TableOfContents, Galley;}
.list-notes-rw {font-family: NotesList, Galley;}
.list-glossary-rw {font-family: Glossary, Galley;}
.list-glossary-rw .term-rw {font-family: GlossaryTerm, Glossary, Galley;}
.list-references-rw {font-family: References, NamedLists, Galley;}
.list-chronology-rw {font-family: Chronology, Galley;}
.list-index-rw {font-family: Index, Galley;}
h2 {font-family: Heading2, Heading, Galley;}
h3 {font-family: Heading3, Heading, Galley;}
h4 {font-family: Heading4, Heading, Galley;}
h5 {font-family: Heading5, Heading, Galley;}
h6 {font-family: Heading6, Heading, Galley;}
h7 {font-family: Heading7, Heading, Galley;}
h8 {font-family: Heading8, Heading, Galley;}
.Chapter-rw .title-block-rw {font-family: ChapterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Chapter-rw .title-block-rw .title-num-rw {font-family: ChapterTitleNumber, ChapterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Chapter-rw .title-block-rw h1 {font-family: ChapterTitle, ChapterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Chapter-rw .title-block-rw .title-sub-rw {font-family: ChapterTitleSubTitle, ChapterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Chapter-rw .title-block-rw .title-author-rw {font-family: ChapterTitleAuthor, ChapterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Chapter-rw .title-block-rw .title-contributor-rw {font-family: ChapterTitleContributor, ChapterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Chapter-rw .title-block-rw .title-other-rw {font-family: ChapterTitleOther, ChapterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Part-rw .title-block-rw {font-family: PartTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley, sans-serif;}
.Part-rw .title-block-rw .title-num-rw {font-family, PartTitleNumber, PartTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Part-rw .title-block-rw h1 {font-family: PartTitle, PartTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Part-rw .title-block-rw .title-sub-rw {font-family: PartTitleSubTitle, PartTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Part-rw .title-block-rw .title-author-rw {font-family: PartTitleAuthor, PartTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Part-rw .title-block-rw .title-contributor-rw {font-family: PartTitleContributor, PartTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Part-rw .title-block-rw .title-other-rw {font-family: PartTitleOther, PartTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Section-rw .title-block-rw {font-family: SectionTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley, sans-serif;}
.Section-rw .title-block-rw .title-num-rw {font-family, SectionTitleNumber, SectionTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Section-rw .title-block-rw h1 {font-family: SectionTitle, SectionTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Section-rw .title-block-rw .title-sub-rw {font-family: SectionTitleSubTitle, SectionTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Section-rw .title-block-rw .title-author-rw {font-family: SectionTitleAuthor, SectionTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Section-rw .title-block-rw .title-contributor-rw {font-family: SectionTitleContributor, SectionTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.Section-rw .title-block-rw .title-other-rw {font-family: SectionTitleOther, SectionTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.frontmatter-rw .title-block-rw {font-family: FrontmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.frontmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-num-rw {font-family: FrontmatterTitleNumber, FrontmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.frontmatter-rw .title-block-rw h1 {font-family: FrontmatterTitle, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.frontmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-sub-rw {font-family: FrontmatterTitleSubTitle, FrontmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.frontmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-author-rw {font-family: FrontmatterTitleAuthor, FrontmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.frontmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-contributor-rw {font-family: FrontmatterTitleContributor, FrontmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.frontmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-other-rw {font-family: FrontmatterTitleOther, FrontmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.backmatter-rw .title-block-rw {font-family: BackmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.backmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-num-rw {font-family: BackmatterTitleNumber, BackmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.backmatter-rw .title-block-rw h1 {font-family: BackmatterTitle, BackmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.backmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-sub-rw {font-family: BackmatterTitleSubTitle, BackmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.backmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-author-rw {font-family: BackmatterTitleAuthor, BackmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.backmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-contributor-rw {font-family: BackmatterTitleContributor, BackmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
.backmatter-rw .title-block-rw .title-other-rw {font-family: BackmatterTitleOther, BackmatterTitleBlock, TitleBlock, Galley;}
/*Document TitlePage*/
.title-block-book-rw {font-family: BookTitlePage, Galley;}
.title-block-book-rw h1 {font-family: BookTitle, BookTitlePage, Galley;}
.title-block-book-rw .title-sub-rw {font-family: BookTitleSubTitle, BookTitlePage, Galley;}
.title-block-book-rw .title-author-rw {font-family: BookTitleAuthor, BookTitlePage, Galley;}
.title-block-book-rw .title-contributor-rw {font-family: BookTitleContributor, BookTitlePage, Galley;}
.title-block-book-rw .title-other-rw {font-family: BookTitleOther, BookTitlePage, Galley;}
.imprint-rw {font-family: Imprint, BookTitlePage, Galley;}
/*Text Blocks*/
.abstract-rw {font-family: Abstract, TextBlock, Galley;}
.boxed-rw {font-family: BoxedText, TextBlock, Galley;}
.boxed-rw h4 {font-family: BoxedTextH4, BoxedText, TextBlock, Galley;}
.boxed-rw h5 {font-family: BoxedTextH5, BoxedText, TextBlock, Galley;}
.boxed-rw h6 {font-family: BoxedTextH6, BoxedText, TextBlock, Galley;}
.code-rw {font-family: Code, TextBlock, Galley;}
.email-rw {font-family: Email, TextBlock, Galley;}
.epigraph-rw {font-family: Epigraph, TextBlock, Galley;}
.extract-rw {font-family: Extract, TextBlock, Galley;}
.general-rw {font-family: General, TextBlock, Galley;}
.instant-message-rw {font-family: InstantMessage, TextBlock, Galley;}
.letter-rw {font-family: Letter, TextBlock, Galley;}
.notebox-rw {font-family: Notebox, TextBlock, Galley;}
.notebox-rw h4 {font-family: NoteboxH4, Notebox, TextBlock, Galley;}
.notebox-rw h5 {font-family: NoteboxH5, Notebox, TextBlock, Galley;}
.notebox-rw h6 {font-family: NoteboxH6, Notebox, TextBlock, Galley;}
.pullquote-rw {font-family: PullQuote, TextBlock, Galley;}
.quote-rw {font-family: Quote, TextBlock, Galley;}
.text-message-rw {font-family: TextMessage, TextBlock, Galley;}
.sidebar-rw {font-family: Sidebar, TextBlock, Galley;}
.sidebar-rw h4 {font-family: SidebarH4, Sidebar, TextBlock, Galley;}
.table-rw {font-family: Table;}
.classic-rw {font-family: ClassicTable, Table, Galley;}
.classic-rw th {font-family: ClassicHeader, ClassicTable, Table, Galley;}
.modern-rw {font-family: ModernTable, Table, Galley;}
.modern-rw th {font-family: ModernHeader, ModernTable, Table, Galley;}
.grid-rw {font-family: GridTable, Table, Galley;}
.layout-rw {font-family: LayoutTable, Table, Galley;}
.finance-rw {font-family: FinanceTable, Table, Galley;}
.finance-rw th {font-family: FinanceHeader, FinanceTable, Table, Galley;}
.business-rw {font-family: BusinessTable, Table, Galley;}
.business-rw th {font-family: BusinessHeader, BusinessTable, Table, Galley;}
Poetry-rw {font-family: Poetry, Galley;}
Poem-title-block-rw {font-family: PoemTitleBlock, Poetry, Galley;}
.Drama-rw {font-family: DramaStage, Drama, Galley;}
.DramaScreen-rw {font-family: DramaRadio, Drama, Galley;}
.DramaRadio-rw {font-family: DramaRadio, Drama, Galley;}
/*Running Headers and Footers*/
@page:left {
    @bottom-center {font-family: FooterMiddle, Footer, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @bottom-left {font-family: FooterLeft, Footer, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @bottom-right {font-family: FooterRight, Footer, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @top-center {font-family: HeaderMiddle, Header, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @top-left {font-family: HeaderLeft, Header, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @top-right {font-family: HeaderRight, Header, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
@page:right {
    @bottom-center {font-family: FooterMiddle, Footer, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @bottom-left {font-family: FooterLeft, Footer, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @bottom-right {font-family: FooterRight, Footer, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @top-center {font-family: HeaderMiddle, Header, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @top-left {font-family: HeaderLeft, Header, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
    @top-right {font-family: HeaderRight, Header, HeaderFooter, Galley;}
/* FONT SCHEME MAP ends */


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