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QAA Sequence

QAA Sequence is a more complex learning pattern to create and use. It has both option sources and option targets. The user is required to interactively create the correct response for a set of items that have a sequence pattern. Updated: 2012-08-12


In FX-QAA Sequence means the arrangement of a number of shuffled option sources into a correct sequence of reserved slots by drag and drop or tap-tap interaction. If shuffle is not activated the option-source and option-target objects will present in the same sequence.

The option-items can be words, images or even rich media. Audio can often be appropriate.

Once placed sequence option-items cannot be moved and must be reset. The items can be placed into sequence in any order.

QAA Sequence can be used within a QAA-Set to make a multi-question sequence when it is being used for testing and evaluation.

Multichoice can be used as an instructional tool as well as a test tool.

It can be used to create choice interfaces tutor the learner directly to identify a correct selection.

Rearrange the words into the correct daily timeline.

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Go to work
  4. Have lunch
  5. Go home
  6. Go to bed
  1. =
  2. =
  3. =
  4. =
  5. =
  6. =






This example shows sequence being used for