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Text match is the closest the interactive question type can get to a subjective form. It requires a learner to enter text in response to the question and source information context. Updated: 2012-08-12


In FX-QAA Text Match means keying text into a content-editable block to complete a string. A Text-Match sequence can have any number of editable areas.

Text match is case sensitive. This is required to ensure grammatical construction and parts of speech are handled correctly. If the evaluation is to be case insensitive then the correct sequence of synonyms needs to be entered.

Text match handles synonyms. This allows various textual and grammatical structures to be fairly entered and evaluated. This allows the handling of shortened forms such as "I am vs I'm" and variations in number terms such as "one, One, 1" if these are allowable responses.

Text Match Multi allows the construction of larger grammatical structures presented as paragraphs with multiple text entry options. These are all evaluated simultaneously. Text Match Multi is also case-sensitive and synonyms can be used for all evaluations.

The AIE interaction shows the filled in option-source fields highlighted with orange. The text can be changed at any time up until the Check button is clicked.

QAA Text Match and QAA Text Match Multi can be used within a QAA-Set to make a multi-question sequence when it is being used for testing and evaluation.

Fill in the blank.

  1. One Two   Four Five.
  1. Three, three, 3, iii, III






In this example to illustrate the use of synonmyms you can enter any one of three, Three, 3, iii or III.

Fill in the blanks.

  1. Word word word   word. Word word   word.
  2. Word word word   word. Word   word word word.
  3. Word word word   word word.
  1. word1
  2. word2
  3. word3
  4. word4
  5. word5






The correct answers in sequence are word1, word2, word3, word4 and word5. There are no synonyms for this example so any other spelling will be evaluated as wrong.