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QAA Association

QAA Association is a more complex learning pattern to create and use. It has both option sources and option targets. The user is required to interactively associate the correct source-target pairs. Updated: 2012-08-12


In FX-QAA Association means the matching of an object with another object which has some exclusive association. An easy example is matching pictures with words, such as a picture of a cat and the the word cat.

In the current version there can be any number of items to be associated, but all option-source items must have an exclusive option-target. Association is designed as a drag and drop (tap-tap) interaction where the option-source is dragged onto the option target.

The AIE interaction shows the current selected option highlighted, and this can be changed at any time up until the Check button is clicked.

QAA Multichoice can be used within a QAA-Set to make a multi-question sequence when it is being used for testing and evaluation.

Multichoice can be used as an instructional tool as well as a test tool.

It can be used to create choice interfaces tutor the learner directly to identify a correct selection.

QAA Association Live Examples

Match (by dragging and dropping) to its associated items.

  1. Option one
  2. Option two
  3. Option three
  4. Option four
  5. Option five
  1. Target one
  2. Target two
  3. Target three
  4. Target four
  5. Target five
  1. =
  2. =
  3. =
  4. =
  5. =






Production Notes

  1. Option-Source and Option-Target must have the same number of entries.
  2. You must use shuffle to randomize the Option-Source presentation at loading time for this QAA type to be effective.