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Print Pageflow Design. Typography In The Browser

Issues regarding print page flow when creating a full book. Updated: 14 December 2013


IGP:Digital Publisher has a number of tools that work only for print or only for reader formats. Depending on the format being generated any properties that are not required by a format are effectively ignored by the processors.

IGP:Typography In the Browser (TIB) allows kerning, tracking and general layout to be carried out on the print formats for a document. See the TIB documentation here.

Print Page Layout

IGP:Digital Publisher uses the PrinceXML HTML/CSS rendering engine to produce the output PDFs.

The page size and ,margins can be easily setup from the CSS Editor - Document setup options, or from IGP:Document Designer.

The section open options are:

Left-Right Page Progression

When the Prince XML rendering engine creates a PDF that have inner and outer margins set it does not take notice of page numbers.

Books are generally produced with even numbers on the left (verso) page and odd numbers on the right (recto) page. For inner and outer margins to present correctly in a finished book the opening rules must be enforced, or the page count must be correct, especially in front matter.

If you have an odd number of pages in front matter and no blank pages, then the first body section opening will be on the left.

Using PDF Reader/Viewer

If you are using Adobe Reader or Acrobat to review your finished PDF be sure to set the options up correctly to represent a print book page progression.

Use Two Page View with Show Cover Page in Two Page View selected.

This will allow you to see if the PDF is presenting correctly for the section flow rules you have applied. Remember that by default PrinceXML always creates the first page as a right-hand page and all other pages are assembled from there.

If your PDF first page opens right the settings in the screengrab are correct.

If your PDF first page opens left then deselect the Show Cover Page in Two Page View option.

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