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Linking and Index Tools

Linking and indexing tools include the document internal Hyperlinker which allows user defined links anywhere within a document,  and the e-Indexer which allows the tagging of Index elements within text for automatic Index generation. The topic also discusses auto-generated links, external linking and ID excluded elements. Updated: 2012-07-27


Linking Tools provides two major features:

  1. The ability to link any where inside a document with and across sections.
  2. Access to the e-Indexer which enables indexing to be carried out and indexes to be generated at any time.

All links work in all formats except Print PDF where they are specifically removed to ensure PDF X1A compliance. They are retained in RGB PDFs.

Accessing Linking Tools 

From the Section Toolbar, click the Linking and Index Tools button to show the Linking Toolbar. There are three buttons:

Turn on Index Mode

Enables indexing. Because indexing is a document wide operation, only one person should work on a document when it is being indexed. When Index mode is turned on, all other editing functions on a page are disabled and only the Index Term button is active.

Index Term

You use this button to apply an Index item tag to a piece of selected text and insert it into the Index. It is muted unless Index Mode is turned on.

When Index Mode is on you can select text and add it to the document Index.


Enables you to link any content to any other document structure that has an ID.

Important. Before using the Hyperlink Targets tool make sure you have generated ID's using the Document Processor ID generation. This is located by clicking on the Editing Tools button, then the Document Processor button.

  1. You can link to any ID referenced Block or item in a document.
  2. Highlight the text you wish to link (the pointer text)
  3. Click the Hyperlink Targets button. A new link navigation Window will open which will allow you to navigate through all ID structures in the whole document.
  4. Use the page navigation drop-down to select a target page.
  5. Scroll through any page until you find your link target.
  6. Click on the link ID in the left column.
  7. The Link Navigation window will close and the link from the pointer text to the target block will be created.

You can repeat this as often as required.

Auto Generated Hyperlinks

Digital Publisher internal processing can be used to create a wide range of hyperlinks automatically.

Tables of Content and Lists-of

External Hyperlinks

If you need to link to an external URL reference such as an Internet URL, email address or FTP site you can do this using the editor linking tools.

ID Exclusions

Digital Publisher generates IDs on virtually every element in a document, however there is a maintained exception list in Template Components (available only to Maintainers). These are:



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