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Template Manuscript Importer

IGP:Digital Publisher allows full customization of manuscript importing to publisher house manuscript styling.   Modified: 10 November 2013


IGP:Digital Publisher is very powerful in file format upload allowing the importing of word-processor manuscripts, various XML and HTML files and even some PDF files.

You can directly convert styled manuscripts into IGP:FoundationXHTML and have them instantly ready for PDF and e-Book format generation. This is a fast, efficient and accurate way to quickly create maintainable XHTML.

The manuscript importer assumes that there is a set of consistent in-house styles that are applied to word-processor documents. Many publishers have these in place already.

There is a default Infogrid Pacific Structure Styled baseline set that can be used, but generally publishers have editors who are already familiar with there in-house styles and don't want to change too far.

Customizing the manuscript importer for a publishers in-house style vocabulary is a one time "semi-technical" task.

There is a provided spreadsheet file that has a "cross-walk" map that must be filled in with the publisher styles. This is generally a Production Engineer task. This article does not give the technical details on the cross-walk spreadsheet.

The Basic Manuscript Upload Interface

To Import a Custom Import Crosswalk Spreadsheet

From the Template Toolbar click the Manuscript Importer button. A new dialog will open.

Click the Create button. A form will open.

Fill in the form details.

Name. This is the name that will appear in the Upload Document interface for all users. Be sure to create a succinct and clear to understand name. It may contain spaces and hyphens.

Category. For manuscript importing select Word Processor. Do not use the other options.

Description. This is only seen in the Admin Template interface but is there for the ongoing maintenance of the component. Fill in appropriate information.

Upload CSV. Click the Browse button to open the Cross-walk spreadsheet.

When all is complete click the OK button. The crosswalk spreadsheet will be used to

Testing the Manuscript Importer

It is recommended that you immediately test that the importer has correctly mapped your styles to IGP:Digital Publisher by using a test manuscript that has all the styles tagged and available.


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