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Preparing your document

Introduction and Steps to prepare your document for typography


  1. Generate IDs.
  2. Ensure you have all the appropriate fonts applied to all text and blocks so the correct flow is generated. This is done with IGP:Document Designer, or using the TAH CSS.
  3. Ensure the correct language is defined in your metadata interface. This will apply appropriate hyphenation rules for your language. The default is US English.
  4. When you launch TIB you will have to calibrate the HTML view to match the generated PDF. You must save your calibration setting for a specific document design profile.

ID Generation

To adjust paragraph tracking, you must first generate IDs for the document. IDs are required to allow the paragraph by paragraph tracking information to be associated and stored using the ID references.


The ID generation button in the TIB interface is provided as a courtesy in case you forget to generate IDs in IGP:Writer.

To generate IDs in IGP:Writer

  1. From the Live Preview toolbar, click the Publish Manager button.
  2. The Publishing Manager environment will open in the Reader Pane.
  3. To generate IDs of a document, click the Generate ID button on the Publishing Manager options form.
  4. The IDs of the document will be processed and generated.
  5. When IDs are generated the interface will show a message under the options form.
  6. Your current page will be updated with IDs automatically.

IDs can also be generated by clicking the Generate ID button in the TIB toolbar. This executes the identical process.

After the IDs are generated, IGP:Typography in the Browser (TIB) tracking can be done independently for each document profile.


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