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This is the IGP:Digital Publisher Management User Manual.

IGP:Digital Publisher has been given a completely new management interface and features to make it nimble and more suitable in a fast changing digital content world.

This release is significant and requires understanding, and for some organizations considerable change management. It requires study and understanding of the feature upgrades before implementation for a specific site or use.


What's new


  1. Stand-alone. The new management interface separates IGP:Digital Publisher from direct integration with IGP:ECMS Solutions. This means the product can be deployed as a stand-alone digital content production application. Integration with all the features of IGP:ECMS Solutions is still possible through APIs. This continues our new product map of stand-alone products for the widest range of business operations.
  2. Maintenance. IGP:Digital Publisher has a new additional Maintenance layer for the managing the global operation of the system. This has been brought into synchronization with the business architectures of IGP:Distribution Manager and IGP:Content Fulfilment Systems.
  3. Accounts. There is now formal account creation and controls available. This feature can be used by larger businesses for the separation of business concerns such as region, department or other business units. It also means the product can be used by a central controlling organization to operate Software as a Service (SaaS) business models. The accounts features  included control of account business rules such as number of users, number of documents, expiry period and instant activation and deactivation by Maintenance users.
  4. Projects. The interface now supports projects. Documents can only now be shared in a project context, but with the new interface that is only a touch-or-two away. A project can be assigned an independent Project Administrator who has full control over documents and users.
  5. Format Generation.IGP:Digital Publisher is the ultimate digital content production system, and now has a management interface to match. You can now generate formats all output formats directly from any library document interface with just a few clicks. No need to open a document in IGP:Writer.
  6. Ease of Setup. Setting up a new account with all of its business requirements is a single form process. One click and the administrator, libraries and all required permissions are instantly in place.
  7. Touch Interface. The interface is now a "direct to business" touch interface. It works on mobile tablet devices and it is entirely practical to do all business except document editing, from a mobile device. That means you can control it from anywhere at any time.
  8. Maintenance tools. Maintenance can now access templates and fonts without going into the editor.

Business Architecture

Three-tier business architecture. The three primary levels of access are Account Users, Account Administrators and Maintenance Users.

Account Users can see the documents and projects assigned by their Account Administrators.

Account Administrators can see and control the users, documents, projects and libraries for their account.

Maintenance Users can see and control all Accounts, users, documents, projects; plus global tools such as templates, fonts, media, internationalization and other system operations.

Administration-centric. DP is about maintaining high value digital content for a wide range of product deliverables, trustworthiness over time, and reuse.

New Document controls. There are now no private documents. All user and project document can be seen by Account Administrators and Maintenance Administrators.

Deletion control. Mistakes happen and documents get deleted by mistake. When a document is deleted from a user account, project or library, it is now transferred to the Account Delete Library. If it is deleted from there it is transferred to the Master delete Library where it comes under set period policy final deletion control.

Document Control Rules

Because IGP:Digital Publisher has been designed as a business digital content production system, strict control of documents and document access has been upgraded. This also makes the application interface "workflow" ready.

The new document control rules are strict but, with the new interface, easy to work with. Most importantly they give the organization full control over every aspect of their documents and users.

  1. A new document can be created by any user in their Private Documents. This document can also be viewed by Account Administrators and Maintenance Administrators. It  cannot be seen by any other users.
  2. (For users of the previous interface, a document can no-longer be shared between users. It must be transferred to a Project to be shared).
  3. A user can change owner from their Private Documents to a Project, or the Account Library. Once ownership is changed the document is no longer available from the user's Personal Documents.
  4. A document can also be created in a Project by a Project Administrator.
  5. While a document is in a User's Private Documents or a Project, it can be edited in writer, and all standard operations carried out on the document.
  6. When a document is moved to an Account Library, the IGP:Writer interface is disabled. It can be viewed in IGP:Reader, metadata can be modified and formats can be generated. But the document is effectively locked for any editing changes.
  7. If a library document needs to be edited, it must be moved back to a User or Product context by an authorized Account or Maintenance Administrator. The document is then available for editing by the allocated User, or Project members.
  8. Both Account and Maintenance Administrators can always see all documents and the ownership. 

These powerful new document control rules, combined with the Delete Collection strategy mean any organizations content is protected against mistakes or malice.