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About this User Manual

Document Conventions

This is the IGP:Digital Publisher Management Interface User's Manual. This section describes who should read this guide, how the guide is organized, and other resources related to Infogrid Pacific publishing products. 

This User Manual should be read in conjunction with the IGP:Digital Publisher a.k.a. IGP:FLIP, production application User Manual.

IGP:Digital Publisher is often referred to within this guide as "DP"; It may also be referred to as DPM. Likewise IGP:Reader/Writer are referred to in this guide as "Reader" and "Writer" , DPRW or RW respectively; and IGP:FoundationXHTML  is referred to as "FX". All copyrights and legal protections still apply to the abbreviated terms.


This guide is intended for end-users who are going to use IGP:Digital Publisher and its associated and support applications and components as a production environment for creating publisher quality outputs for print, Online, eBook and other format expressions and variants.

Required Knowledge and Skills

This guide assumes you are familiar with the following:

  • Basic publisher typesetting and production terms and methods
  • Electronic book format variants such as Online editions, eBook editions, PDFs and content packages such as CD-ROM and SCORM.
  • Basic understanding and ability to use Dashboards, toolbars and business tools
  • Familiarity with mobile tablets and touch screens.
  • The existence of the W3 international XHTML and CSS standards and their importance to content processing. However where these are referred, they are presented for informational value and are separated in the individual topic bodies. They do not affect the ability to understand any other part of the manual. 

How to Use this Manual

This manual is presented in four major parts:

  1. Account Users
  2. Account Administrators
  3. Maintenance Administrators
  4. Appendice topics covering specific background technical information.

This manual is only for the DP Management Interface functions. It does not cover any content specific technical or production issues which are covered in the main IGP:Digital Publisher User Manual.

This manual is a high-level introduction and tutorial. It is divided into major topics that allow you to both experiment with IGP:Digital Publisher, and use it in practical business scenarios. 

If you work through the manual in the sequence presented, you will cover the major knowledge items to get the most out of your IGP:Digital Publisher Management Interface application. Because the topics cover a very wide range of publishing terms and concepts, and introduce new publishing paradigms, linear reading may not be the best method. 

This manual is an assembly of topics that have been authored as reusable, extensible, stand-alone Content Objects. The topics are authored in IGP:Writer from template objects. From there, the appropriate topics have been assembled using IGP:Digital Publisher to create the final user manual you are using.

Topics authored in this way are written as "stand-alone" semantic objects. They contain all the information you need to use them successfully, so you will not see within the instructional text any distant relationship or references to other topics; such as "See Chapter X".