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Template Typography Setup

IGP:Digital Publisher allows typesetting report values to be setup globally for an account.  Modified: 10 November 2013


IGP:Digital Publisher has advanced features in the IGP:Typography In the Browser module for typography reporting of the various standard typography features required in modern publishing.

These need to be set up once in the Account Template Manager. Note that these "in-house rules" apply globally for an account so are applied to all books.

This is a one-time account setup requirement.

Note that at this time these values are only used for Typography Reporting but in future releases will also be used to enforce the rules.

The Typography Rules Setup Options

Typography Setup

There are options to control Section, Page, Paragraph and Line turns using standard typographic conventions.

To open Typography Setup from the Template Toobar click the Typo Setup button. The Typography Setup interface will open.

Make any changes you need to the Typography rules.

Click the Save button to apply your changes.

The Typography Options Explained

Section Turns

Section turns has two guides values.

Minimum Lines. Set the minimum number of lines you require on a section (chapter) last page.

Last Line Mimimum Strings. Set the number of words that are required on the last line of a section last paragraph.

Page Turns

Page turns has three guide values.

Orphans. Set the required number of orphan lines.

Widows. Set the required number of widow lines.

Widow Length. If a widow line is one line and you can accept a single-line widow set the required minimum length as a percentage (%) of the line length.

Paragraph Turns

Paragraph turns has one guide value.

Minimum Characters. Set the value for the required minimum number of characters required on the last line.

Line Turns

Line turns has three guide values.

Hyphens Before. Set the minimum number of characters required at the end of a leading hyphenated line.

Hyphens After. Set the minimum number of characters required at the beginning of a trailing hyphenated line.

Consecutive Hyphens. Set the maximum number of consecutive hyphenated lines allowed.

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