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Delete Library

Main | Administration | Delete Library

The Delete Library contains all documents that have been deleted by anyone in the system. All deleted documents are saved in this library.

This acts as the recovery location of documents deleted by mistake. When the documents are deleted from the Delete Library, it is transferred to the Master Delete Library which is controlled by the Maintainence Users.

The deleted documents are listed in this page. Clicking on the title of the deleted documents opens up the same option as the documents in the Library i.e

  1. Read
  2. Info
  3. Metadata
  4. Formats
  5. Document History
  6. Media
  7. Delete
  8. More Tools

Restore a deleted Document

To Start

  1. From the Main Page, click Delete Library under the Administration User section. This action will transfer you to the Account Delete Library Screen.
  2. The Account Delete Library Screen displays the list of deleted documents of the particular account along with a short description and detail of each.
  3. Browse for the deleted document you want to restore.
  4. After finding the particular document, click on the title of the document.
  5. The Option Bar of the document will appear below the Project name.
  6. The list of Options are:
    Edit | Read | Info | Metadata | Formats | Document History | Media | More Tools.

To restore a deleted Document

  1. From the list of options click on More Tools. The More Tools screen will expand with a list of options.
  2. Click Change Owner from the list of options.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the owner of the document and click OK. If it is an Account User, click Account User from the dropdown menu, an entry field will appear on the right. Start typing the name of the Account User. Different Account Usernames will appear relevant to the letters you type. Select the Account User of your choice and click OK. Same case applies when you want to restore the account to a Project or a Library.
  4. The document will be restored from Delete Library to the location of your choice. If you have transferred ownership to a user, the document will appear in the Private Document section of the particular user.