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Send to CFS

How to send a document from DP to CFS and make it ready for packaging

Here, we will discuss the whole process of how to send a document from IGP:Digital Publisher(DP) to IGP:Content Fulfilment System(CFS) and make it ready for packaging.

The transfer of a document from DP to CFS involves a series of steps which has been described below in detail.

Things to remember before sending a document to CFS

  1. Every document (DP or CFS) is under an account.
  2. A document from DP is only sent to a specific account in CFS. Check the details of the particular DP account to view to which CFS account it is mapped.
    You can do this by clicking the Modify(M) button of the particular account in Maintenance>Accounts in the DP interface. Check the field CFS Account Name in the Modify Account form.
    EG. Say a DP account name XYZ has CFS account named XYZCFS mapped to it. Then any document sent from XYZ (DP Account) will only go to XYZCFS account and not any other account in CFS.

Send to CFS

Follow the steps given below to send a document from DP to CFS.

  1. Log in to DP.
  2. In DP, browse for the document you want to send to CFS. This document can be either be in the Private Document, Library or Project section.
  3. After finding the particular document, click the document title to open the option bar of the document.
  4. From the list of options, click the Formats button to display the Generate Formats window. From the list of options, click the Send to CFS option (Packages section) to transfer a copy of the document to CFS.
  5. Now, the particular document has been sent to IGP:CFS.

Check the imported document in CFS

  1. Log in to CFS.
  2. Ensure that you are logged in under the particular account where the document was sent in CFS. For this, check the Account dropdown menu on the top right of your CFS page.
  3. Click the Source Library section on the main page of IGP:CFS. Your imported document will be there, if imported correctly.
    All documents imported from DP will go to the Source Library in CFS.

Make the document live

Live document means that the particular document is ready for packaging. To make the imported document "live" follow the steps given below.

  1. Make a copy of the imported document in Source Library by clicking the Copy Document button in its option bar.
  2. A copy of the imported document will be in the Private Document section of CFS.
  3. In the Private Document section, click the Ownership button of the copied document under its option bar to change the ownership of the document.
  4. Change the ownership of the particular document to Account Library.
  5. After changing the ownership of the particular document to Account Library,the particular document will be a part of the CDP Library.
  6. Under the CDP Library section, click the option bar of the particular document to display its option bar. From the list of options, click the Live Candidate button.
  7. When the Live Candidate button is clicked, the particular document becomes a part of Live CDP. This means that the particular document/CDP is ready for packaging.
  8. Click the document title under Live CDP and click the Package button to display the list of packaging options. Choose the type of packaging of your choice and click OK. Your document has been packaged.