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Reader Compatibility

What reading systems and what features of AIE are supported in our experience. With advanced Javascript features there is always a chance that something wont work. Here is the list of what Infogrid Pacific knows works in which reading system. Updated: 14 Sep 2012.

AZARDI Desktop

All interactive features supported.

The AZARDI Interactive Engine is built into AZARDI Desktop. You do not have to include the Javascript files in the ePub package if you are targeting AZARDI Desktop.

If AIE is included in an ePub3 file package AZARDI Desktop will ignore the file AIE Javascript files and use the default Reader files. You must ensure your version of AZARDI Desktop is up to date.

It is important to be aware that AIE text-audio is independent from SMIL media overlays. You should make a decision to use one or the other. Generally with highly interactive publisher products we recommend using AIE text-audio features in preference to SMIL media overlays.


All interactive features supported.

Other conditional features are identical to AZARDI Desktop. Please read them carefully.

Apple iBooks

SMIL audio works for fixed layout ePubs using the Apple custom fixed layout features. AIE audio controls can be inserted at the start of a section but may be inconvenient to use.

All other AIE features appear to work consistently for both flow and fixed layout ePub3 files.

Please note that no commercial ePub3 files have been submitted by any publisher (we are aware of) that use AIE.


Supports SMIL but without highlighting. Don't use AIE audio/text with SMIL files if you are targeting Readium or Readium clones.

All other AIE features appear to work consistently for both flow and fixed layout ePub3 files.

Infogrid Pacific has no control over the Readium application of Javascript which may change and exhibit different styling layouts with some content.

Vital Source

Testing has been restricted to uploaded Oxford University Press interactive training programs. All features appear to work enough for screen-grabs to be used in Vital Source promotional material. Hundreds of fixed-layout ePub3 books containing AIE as the interactive engine have been created for OUP and delivered to Vital Source. Books will not work in this online reader using IE8. Most features work with IE9.


Not tested

Barns and Noble Nook

Not tested

Websites and Browsers

If you are presenting content online through an ePub3 reader, SCORM package or just as HTML5 web pages AIE works in the following browsers:

  1. Firefox 5+
  2. Google Chrome 18+
  3. Apple Safari for Windows 5.2+
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+

Terms and Conditions

Not all features will work consistently on all browsers. If you are using AIE it is your responsibility to test each production file in your target delivery platforms.