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Multichoice is probably the most well known and used question and answer tool available. Most LMS systems support Multichoice. It is easy to implement and easy to evaluate. Updated: 2012-08-12


In FX-QAA Multichoice means the selection of one correct answer option from many.  The user is presented with a question and a small list of answer options. Only one answer can be selected.

The AIE interaction shows the current selected option highlighted, and this can be changed at any time up until the Check button is clicked.

QAA Multichoice can be used within a QAA-Set to make a multi-question sequence when it is being used for testing and evaluation.

Multichoice can be used as an instructional tool as well as a test tool.

It can be used to create choice interfaces tutor the learner directly to identify a correct selection.

Which of the following is a keyboard?

  1. Inhouse General Publishing
  2. Infogrid Pacific
  3. Information Genius Publishing
  4. Industry Generation Production
  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 0
  4. 0






We have also used it as an effective "Computer as Tutor" tool for building and evaluating recognition patterns with excellent mid-term retention.

In this application it was used to train rural students to understand computers. They had no previous exposure to computers or computer terms.

Multi-choice was used to present images of various parts of computers with audio cues. The English term was used in