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AZARDI Interactive Engine (AIE)

The AZARDI Interactive Engine (AIE) is available for use in demonstration and commercial ePub3 products at no charge. TURN YOUR CONTENT ON! Modified: 8 Sep 2012.


Use the AZARDI Interactive Engine

Make interactive ePub3 files quickly and easily without any Javascript programming. The AZARDI Interactive Engine is a production friendly scripting environment anyone can learn to use quickly and easily.

Create your interactivity with HTML(5), CSS(3) and an AIE script directly into your HTML.

Full documentation and working examples are available onlline and for download.

Go to the information and tutorials Content page.

ePub3 Reader Compatibility

The AZARDI Interactive Engine works on the following ePub3 reader platforms:

  1. AZARDI Desktop
  2. AZARDI Online
  3. Apple iBooks
  4. Ingram Vital Source
  5. IDPF Readium

Not all ePub3 readers are born equal. Some are more proprietary than others. 

More information about Reader limitations and capabilities when used with AIE.

Get the AZARDI Interactive Engine

You can use the AZARDI Interactive Engine in your demonstration and commercial publisher digital content projects with no license fees. That means you can distribute ePub3 files with no constraints.

You must give the specified full and correct acknowledgement on your copyright page. If you don't have a copyright page it must be available in another suitable page that is visible.

More information on registering and downloading the AZARDI Interactive Engine


AIE Interactive Features

  1. Interactivity on flow and fixed layout content
  2. Events. Hide/show move manipulate on user events
  3. Timeline controlled animations
  4. Navigation Events. Create tutorial panels and more
  5. Counter Events and Scoring.
  6. Sprite control.
  7. Interactive audio for instruction, special effects and SMIL like text highlighting.
  8. Massive QAA. Nine Question and Answer Modules with optional self-test evaluation

Read AIE Features in Detail here